Land Surveying 101


What do we do?

As a Licensed Land Surveyor we establish and re-establish Property lines.

What does this mean to you?

Whenever you need a permit for your project it is very likely the City you live in will require a Land Survey.

We do surveys for decks, additions, landscaping, new home construction, property line disputes, or piece of mind.


We deal with property lines every day and we are the experts in property lines.

Right now you may have a property line dispute…. 

Or you may have noticed vehicles and trailers on your property…. 

Perhaps your neighbor keeps cutting grass on your side of the property line…. 

No matter what is we can help Give us a Call at (262) 389-9200  

What can happen if I don't get a Land Survey?

- If by accident you build a fence on your neighbors property you may have to take it down.

- If you build a deck to close to the property line you may have to spend time and money to modify the deck to comply with City code.

- Allowing a neighbor to use your property over an extended period of time may put you in a position where you can loose property.

- If a storm takes a tree down and it has to be cleaned up and it is assumed to be on your property but was then found later that the tree was on your neighbors property, you spent money on a tree removal when you didn't have to.

These are only a few situations that can happen.  Don't let what you don't know effect you later, PROTECT yourself and get a Land Survey.