How does Land Surveying relate to FEMA?

FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Agency which in the life of a Land Surveyor one of their duties is to Manage the risk of current and future flooding by having certain policies in place.  FEMA receives Flood Data from the local communities and other data that they have obtained, and map their results.  These results are not specific to any one property, they are results that identify overall flooding.  These results are what 3rd party agencies use to determine whether or not properties are in a flood zone.

Land Surveyors will obtain data specific to the property and that is related to FEMA's data and make a comparison to determine whether or not the building or property is in or out of the Flood Zone.

Property owners who are refinancing or buying an existing home and who are are near or in a Flood Zone will on occasion receive a letter from FEMA, your Bank, and or your Insurance Company telling you that you are in a Flood Zone and that you are required to obtain a LOMA or an Elevation Certificate.

LOMA's and Elevation Certificates can only be completed by an Civil Engineer or a Land Surveyor.  Most Engineers don't do them and some Land Surveyors will.  Here at Continental we do both the LOMA's and the Elevation Certificates.


LOMA stands for Letter Of Map Amendment.  This is the tool that removes the primary structure, the entire property, or a portion of the property from the Flood Zone.

The Property owner will receive a formal letter from FEMA removing the Building or Property from the Flood Zone.

We have the ability to do this procedure via the internet, get a result, and print the letter from FEMA almost immediately. 

Elevation Certificate

An Elevation Certificate is a tool that Insurance Company's use to rate the risk of Flooding for your specific property.

An Elevation Certificate will identify the lowest elevation next to the house and the elevation of the Flood Zone specific to the property.  Based on our information the insurance company will determine the risk and provide the property owner with a premium for insurance.

We are required to come in and take measurements and pictures with descriptions to accompany the Elevation Certificate.  The pictures and descriptions may be used to assist in the Flood risk determination.

We would be glad to discuss your LOMA and Elevation Certificate needs.