Construction Layout

Why do Land Surveyors get involved with Construction?

Surveyors can be a professional and reliable source of interpreting the construction plans as approved by the local municipalities.  Surveyors will stake the the proposed structures on site and on the ground per the construction plans using wooden stakes for the contractors to construct the improvements.  Hiring an experienced and licensed Land Surveyor is an important step in making the construction project flow smoothly.

A licensed Surveyor and his field staff are trained and licensed to read, interpret, and then finally stake the improvements.  Errors of what may be small can cost a Land Developer thousands or even ten's of thousands of dollars if the site is not properly staked.  The time lost fixing the error can throw the construction schedule off and cost the Land Developer money because of the lost time.

Here at Continental we are familiar with the entire construction process and we do what we can to build rapport with the construction Manager on site.  We take a great deal of care in the construction layout from the office to the field.  Give us a call and see how our 30 plus years of experience can help for you.

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