Home Builders

Pricing Structure

We offer multi tier pricing structure.  You will find that our maps are very comprehensive and will in most cases meet the needs of most all local Communities as well as your specific needs.  The quality of our Surveys are 2nd to none.  Very few can compare to what we can provide to you.

If quality matters you have found your Land Surveyor.  Call Continental Surveying Services LLC now and see what we can do for you at (262) 389-9200!

Basic Package

Builders like you receive a Stakeout Survey that gives you the permit that allows you to start construction.

A couple other common services we provide on a regular basis to other quality builders are as follows:

- Grading Plans

- Footing Certification

- Foundation Certification

Other specialized services can be provided upon request.

CHECK IT OUT: We do offer another service that is becoming more and more popular.  We can provide a computation that identifies how much cut or fill will be needed to balance the site.  We call this our "Cut n Fill Comp".

With a Grading Plan this service is very reasonable and will give you an outlook that you didn't have on your previous project!