Special Survey Announcements

Spring is Springing, consider all the projects you want to do

The birds are now chirping, days are longer, and everyone will start an outdoor project soon!  Be the first on the block to start your project!  If you do, you may need a survey.

Don't hesitate, call and order your survey for your project and protect what is rightfully yours, your property!

We are not the Walmart of Surveying

We do not price match, our prices are firm and they don't fluctuate due to demand.  If they did at a whim we would expect that you don't hire us.  You should question the integrity and wonder why a company would change their prices so quickly.  If they did would they also cut corners because they thought they were going over budget?  What else would they do to cheapen the service they provide?

Well know this; we are professional and we do not cut corners to ensure or protect a dollar, we perform all Surveys in accordance to State Statutes and Administrative codes to ensure, perpetuate and protect your property lines. 

You and your property deserve that!


We have an immediate Job Opening for a Land Survey CAD Tech.  If interested please send your Resume and Cover Letter to careers@csssurveys.com